Monday, August 22, 2011

In Silence,,

 ! You are these...more than weird
 ,You don't want to ask
, You don't like to be asked
, You don't demand 
,  You don't give me call 
, You don't love me 
, You don't miss me 
 , But you said i am Gods' gift to you 
 ,That's the only thing i hold on to 
, But sometimes i come to ask 
what is really in store for me
,I am just a human being with a bag of loads 
 ,with a sacks of flaws
 ,with a basket of insecurities 
 ,with a tons of fears
, and with a  acres of imperfections
 ,and hectares of darks
 , Like you i also get tired
 , tired of being rejected
 ,tired of so many protocols 
 ,Shall i then kill all my affections and be in Silence 
 , or choose to love you in Silence
, because in Silence
 .There's no rejection and no one owns you but me 


  1. I am just a human being with a bag of loads
    with a sacks of flaws
    with a basket of insecurities
    with a tons of fears
    and with a acres of imperfections

    Terrific... Awesome writing.
    All humane problem n complexities in few lines.

    Loved it.

  2. There is something called faith..belief in a person. Does not matter how many insecurities you have.If you have faith in thE person then relationship or friendship is like a rock.Nothing can change its memorable destiny.

  3. @Rivercat..Thanks !
    @Jyotes..Thanks witty ! Yes , all humane complexities.
    @KP..Very well said sir! Yes,they said Faith can move mountains! THanks for your precious time!

  4. This is really beautiful in the emotions it expresses...Like the Bard said love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove.

  5. ..very well said ,thanks so much for your time idol!