Friday, May 13, 2011


Silence is a girl's loudest cry

                         Tears are rolling ,
                      tears are falling ,
                      so cold ,
                      and it can't be hold .

                       This are all for you ,
                       and mind you ,                                      

                        it's never a sign of sorrow,               
                        but tells my love so true.
               Tears made me see what's real,                               
                                            and it justifies what i truly feel,                                                                                                                                    
                                               it can't be traded for anything.
                                            for it  such a divine ,beautiful thing ,                                                  

                                                 My tears are my unspoken words ,
                                                 for telling you in person i can't afford,                                                  
                                                  sorry if it moves you 
                                                  sorry if it worries you.!

                                                 Just let me cry ,
                                                 and be there to wipe it dry ,
                                                 soon i can have  your sympathy ,
                                                 and  you will no longer set me free....



                     Real tears are not the ones that fall from your face & destroy your makeup. They're the ones that fall from your heart & break your soul.









  1. Don't let pearls wash by just like that. They might cost a lot to the loved who sees them wither away from the beady eyes.

    And why submit, why hold on to him, why not hold hands forever?

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @ Blasphemous A.Thanks for comforting words...and thanks for dropping by..

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  4. @Blog W.. Thanks for powerful words! Yes this is me , we are all beautiful. Thanks for being here!

  5. yes sometimes they need to be shed but not always..and if always let them be of happiness angel..

    nicely put up..

  6. @Alcina Yes i agree ! Thanks for sweet words and for dropping by..

  7. Angel, haha. natawa naman ako sa comment mo sa isa kong blog. haha... love blog ko yun for boyfriend. :) punta ka nalang dun sa personal blog ko. hehehe.

    much love! ♥

  8. @ in wrong place ..hahaha ok will find that exact place...i really don't know sorry...thats why i really wonder, and have ask whats this??

  9. @ Haze...can't find sign in in the exact blog? where's it?

  10. darling, i'm so sorry but i can't seem to understand what you are asking... do you mean the follow button or the exact blog?

    here's the site for my blog:

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  11. tears, tears go away.. come again another day. hehe. labo. ;)

  12. @ Ka bute
    thanks....nice rhyme

  13. Wonderful poem.

    Very touching!!

  14. @Vyankatesh Thanks for reading ! very appreciated :)