Saturday, May 28, 2011

Missing you...

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I am missing you  ,and every day I used to tell you this.
It irritated you maybe or will make you more confident else conceited
but i don't care. All i know,was that you should be told and it should expressed.

But I don’t know if you've   heard it. I don’t know if god has given you gift
of listening or just naturally that dumb and mute.
Why some people can't be moved if somebody told them as such ?
He was so closed and I was so opened and we collided.
Were they tailored by god like that? Or they just don’t like to show a little of their emotion for it would appear less in their being masculine.
But why  we gals, never got ashamed of telling him , them? We don’t give a damned  if whole universe knows it.    
Is it hard to give back those words? Is it for gods only? Will the universe end if it will be uttered?    
So ….okey  then ..that’s YOU and this is ME also , nevertheless , I  will respect whatever convictions , belief you have in life.  



  1. I remember a song that could be a reply for a complaint like this:

    More than you know it I'm aware
    Of this connection that we share
    I know it seems like sometimes I don't care
    But you are the colors that I wear

    If I have been thoughtless, let me know
    I can take a hint you know, though I'm a little slow
    Don't keep it in you, lest it take root and grow
    The bottom line here's I love you so

    ~Poets of the fall.

    It could be the case, could it be?

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. He may have his own reasons.Its not about give and take kind of relationship. Its about pleasure. You enjoy his company then thats it. No need to have expectation or compulsion :)

  3. @Blasphemous..hahaha...a complaint? Shayad,it could be! Many thanks for the song ! nice lyrics.

    @KP..Yes ,yes sir! Get it! Thanks for being around!

  4. To each his own, leave him to himself and he would open up to you as well :)

  5. Beautiful expression of feelings !!
    A nice post.

  6. @ Sourav Writer ,thanks for visiting ! Yeah , i forgot ,individual differences have to consider.

    @Jyoti ..Thanks for the appreciation likewise am appreciating your presence here grrrrr i know your a high caliber writer also!

  7. Well, very few are articulate, they feel showing of true feelings leaves them vulnerable and then three are those whom nothing touches or moves....and finally smart ones, who pretend they cannot see, hear or speak simply because the gal will never give up and keep trying.

  8. @Rek , Thanks idol! Great mind you really got! I am so glad and blessed to have you around.

  9. Angel dear...
    thank you for comingo in my blog...your writing is great honey, I loved

    thank you for coming in my blog, the translator is after the text below, at the end of the blog darling, have fun ... thank enjoy, see you...


  10. Something just like this..some questions i had also asked in my post >

    Even i am confused about this feeling!

  11. @angel wished all girls were like dose thoughts :)
    nice post

  12. @Nina..Thank you also ,have visited your blog it was one of a kind!

    @Alcina...Thanks for being here ! Yes , i have read that post, somewhat same thoughts! Post there was superb!

    @Farooq..What's up? Thanks for dropping ! hahaha..shayad , all girls are same just that men are not so sensitive with listening skills :)

  13. Guys lack it..I agree...They can't reaaly express what they feel but they make you feel loved...Its the presence..the soft touch..a warm hug...that makes you realize yes..they do love you...

  14. @Nikits ... absolutely correct! Thanks !