Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can never have.....

                   The greatest pain that comes from love
                                ….loving someone you can never HAVE.
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  1. totally agree...going thru' such pain...

  2. Hurts a lot. The only thing that I can't have is the one I love. Kills me slowly everyday.

  3. yes and the greatest joy when you find out the one you love loves you too. But I think when you lose someone you've "had", like say in a car accident, that is unbelievably painful too.
    Never having the one you want you have to make sure and can never guess. Sometimes persistence wins out as well so its a hard thought to pin down, but still a beautiful and true post.
    No knowing is almost as painfult because you keep it going. If you are rejected, you can often rebuild your ego or whatever has been hurt and move on slowly <3

  4. yeah true..
    and sometimes it acts as a slow poison.

  5. @BLASPHEMOUS...ARE you ok? i am not use in your one word comment...your that blogger full of ideas anyways thanks as always !

  6. @Saru..yeah it's sad but have to accept ,life is hard and full of dramas..Thanks a lot ! hugss..

    @Gaurav...awwww ,am not alone in this battle ,lets just look at the other side ,still such a beautiful thing right?

    Soums..thats so true but then lets not be defeated by it ,Your a lioness ,u will win always i know that!

    @Rivercat.. hahaha hope that first line would happen.Will it happen or not i got no chice but to accept the reality ,thats life never easy right? But anyways thanks so much for your warming thoughts ,God bless you !

    @Jyotes...yes its like a poison little by little it brings us as if to our grave but hey loving is still so beautiful and divine , Thanks so much witty IT girl...TC!

  7. It hurts, hurts a lot...but how long can we linger in this feeling of being hurt?

  8. yeah thatz the beauty of love :)

  9. @Angel : Absolutely rite...but we cant forget the most beautiful moments shared together...Going ahead in life with the hope tht something better is still there for me...

  10. @Jyotes ... so true ! Thanks witty :)

    @Gaurav ...Yes , thats what best thing it gave to us memories which can't be bought nor be sold. Of course , it's not only better ,but best which awaits for you ! Believe me it will !

  11. @ Beyond H..hahaha maybe for life ! Thanks !

  12. Angel
    No we don't
    know each others' names
    nor each other, for that matter.
    But we don't need to.
    That way we can fall in love with each other
    and write poetry