Monday, July 25, 2011


 Saying nothing…. Sometimes says the most....
 Gal : Do I have right even a little over you? Or none at all?
 Guy: Ha  ask too  many question huh ?
       You stop drinking coke  and  take care of  your health.
 Gal : Now I know not all questions  can be answered by brilliants
           or might be silence means NO.. 
 Guy :  ( silent now)

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  1. At times I feel Silence speaks louder than words! nice:)

  2. Maybe silence means no... but sure thing is, it hurts more than words sometimes.

  3. @Angel: There are times when silence has the loudest voice...

  4. We need to have a good ear to hear the silence, its never easy to listen someones silence

  5. @Saru...Very true! Thanks for your precious time!

    @Haze...Yes ,it hurts more than words but i wish it would means yes..thanks so much !

    @Gaurav..Exactly ! Thanks for your time sir!

    @ Beyond..I agree ,we need to be more sensitive to be able to get those silence..Thanks a lot idol!

  6. An old composer living in Budapest told me that silence is the most important element of music.

  7. Wow!! Mind blowing idea.. Thanks for dropping in here Stormcat, Since you love poetries can i invite to my Haiku in Hubpages ?