Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loving more...

There's no problem with loving someone. It'll only become a problem if you love him more than you love yourself. But usually this really happens . If you love someone you tend to forget yourself  , you became so selfless.Actually this is what love is all about , giving oneself without expecting for any return ,for any reciprocation.This is what they call as loving till it hurts.
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 Am sure some would disagree , yooooo that’s your views ,I got mine and I don’t care about yours, but still am respecting it. Some would say then ,there should be balance… yes,that’s theoretically true but for those people who are in love balance can’t be observed , no balancing needed. It’s more for him than mine..It’s crazy ,it’s madness..very true but they say love is madness ,if it’s not madness then it’s not love.
Be there so you will know what am talking . Life is so beautiful and its too short to be unhappy. Let's celebrate life.. 


  1. Love is without any sort of expectations in return. That's why it is very rare.:)

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  3. Love as you say it is would be all right and justified, if it was the same kind from both sides, both lovers. Because if it from both sides, each one takes care of the other and you don't need to worry much about yourself. But in one sided stories, one side is often left longing because of the negligence of the other.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Without Expecting anything u love someone...is true love....You cannot stop yourself from loving anyone....And Finally you get hurt...there isn't a happy ending always...and so its very rare which is well said...

  5. @Saru..I agree..yeah it's very rare and i find it even divine. Thanks !

    @Anshul..But one sided love affair do happen but some are comfortable with it because to them love is also a compromise. Thanks!

    @ Gaurav... I remember a line said by a friend ,am not asking your permission to love you...
    so true it's rare and it's even a privilege! Being hurt is part of that privilege..it's even killing but what to do love is untamed ..shall we then smile because once in this journey we meet that someone and there's millions of fishes in the ocean , am sure one there is for Gau rav.