Friday, July 15, 2011

Behind all those....
   Behind my smile ,
    ….you'll never know the tears cried.
    Behind my silence ,
        … you'll never know the words left unsaid.


  1. Women epitomizes depth...Lovely post

  2. beautiful. On the other hand If you tell me I know. isnt it funny how when we mad at each other we clam up. being human is interesting. unless we are very mentally ill we suffer similar sorrows and joys. the balance is to being comfortable with someone to make sure you dont forget how lucky you are theyre there...but its also nice to have a relationship where you get past finding boundries and feeling each other out to where you are just two old friends in love doing their own thing and synched about showing affection and togetherness spontaneously
    O comfort and joy comfort and joy what a wonerful thing to look forward to!

  3. To see those hidden tears and to hear to unsaid words one need a pure heart :)

  4. really liked this one........full of emotions......and the pic u hav chosen to post is giving strength to ur words.........nice one........keep it up...............:)

  5. @Saru.. We are designed like that and that's also one of the feminine touches.

    @Gaurav...Thanks a lot.

    @Rivercat...Thanks ,very well said comment. i like your thought saying ,human being is interesting.It is indeed!

  6. @Jyotes..exactly ! in fairness shayad he have it but just that he can't be read ,really abstract. Thanks witty !

    @Anshul...shayad ,shayad :)U got less words nowadays.

    @ DR. Naveen...Thanks this post grabbed your time , thanks also for recognizing my effort ,you know thats where it would took time for me to publish post have to find best pic that would fit in the thought i expressed. God bless you always esp in your studies!