Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's okey..



                   Mountain so high ,                                                                      
                   I need you for my sigh,
                   Little things am askin’
                   Still its left ungiven.
                   Always heard this,    
                            am tired lady,
                            am busy lady,
                            am sorry lady,
                            so now, tell me  ,
                Do I have the reason to be happy?
                But still I will say it’s Okey, 
                I  know you’re  screwed with  so many,
                   And belong to everybody….     



  1. Sometimes "I am Ok" is the various things which we are not but we pretend.

    beautifully written !!

  2. Life..
    Can not get everything..compromise is the key word. A relationship is beautiful if there is a mutual unspoken understanding :)

  3. @Jyotes , true oftentimes we used that phrase to cover but inside we're breaking. Thanks witty gal!

    @KP...I am speechless ! Thanks sir!