Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's hard.....

                     It’s hard to pretend you love someone,
                                   …..when you don't,
                           but it’s harder to pretend 
                         that you don't love someone,
                                     …. when you really do.

 Girl Sitting Alone


  1. so true.. latter is far more more painful than the previous one !!

  2. and ignoring the truth is just as painful :)

    i really want to know, dear! haha. are you filipino? indian? where you from?

  3. Right, difficult to hide your feelings when you are in love...

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  5. same feelings here...the later thing reminds me of my past...

  6. Something is always better than nothing dear. Some people never feel love in their lifetime.Leave the reciprocation part. Atleast you felt it :)

  7. true it's really the hardest.Thanks again witty!

    @Haze..i agree! I will send u a message hahaha..Thanks Pinay.

    Saru...yeah thats right bec if ur in love as if u want to shout loud then all seems are colorful.

    @ Soums...awwww really dear , i know it's so difficult ,indescribable but lets enjoy whats in our flatter now ,still its so beautiful.. Thanks pretty witty lioness.

    @V.yankatesh .... is that basing from own experinced? Thanks for your time.

    @Gaurav...oh , am sorry made you recalled your past but isn't it so beautiful to remember the past? Thanks for your time and sharings.

    @ KP..i loved this line.Something is always better than nothing. I'll post this in twitter , can i? Ok i'll take what you said . thanks for time and thoughts ;)

  8. @Angel: Its always beautiful to remember the past and cherish the sweet moments shared together, but its very much painful when you know that you are not going live those moments again in your life...

  9. A paradox beautifully captured. true.

  10. @Gaurav .Yes, you're not to live and feel those moments again nevermind accept it ,someone said , don't be sad because it happens but smile because it happened and it's better to have love and lost than never to have love at all , right? :)

  11. @Rek..idol, thanks ! regards!

    @Kunwar..thanks for dropping in Sir!