Tuesday, July 19, 2011

As long as ....


                             As long as , we can.....
                                    see the same sky,
                                     breathe the same air,
                                     step on the same planet,
                            then You and I are not impossible…                                                               


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  2. @Angel : Your posts are too good, I can relate to most of your blogposts...

  3. beautiful writing :)
    I wish that were true but I'm afraid not always is so, and that's why some people move, because being around them and realizing its over it too much to bear.

  4. wow... beautiful <3
    i wish my boyfriend will say these words to me too :)

    p.s. Angel, you haven't sent me a message yet. haha! Love yah!

  5. ♥haha you can comment on my other blog, http://hadrielle-inlove.blogspot.com/ it won't be published :)

  6. @Saru..Thanks as always for giving your precious time in my blog , your presence here very much appreciated !

    @Gaurav..Thanks for sparing your busy time in my blog and for those encouraging words. Shayad .you can relate because we have undergone same thing in life or it might be we have same incurable nature , funny right? Fight for life!

    @Rivercat...Thanks so much for those lovely words and for your time. Let it be in more true side than in afraid not always side..

    @ Haze...Thanks girl but don't you know that ,thats also my wish? hahaha...love you back!
    Yes i will visit and send there my message...