Wednesday, June 1, 2011



He:" No expectation , no compulsion ! "

She: Understood !

He: You didn’t  follow it !
She: How did you know?
He: I can read you! Your unspoken words i get!

She: I tried to follow protocols set
but seems it’s beyond my hold!
He: It would be beautiful if it would be observed ,less trouble we will have ,don't you think so?                 
She: Okay ,I will give it a try.

He : How's is it now angel ,are you fine with it?

She : To hell with those protocols set , sorry my mind strictly observes it , but my heart violently ,shamelessly breaks it.

He : I am dead now...mama mia..


  1. ah, protocols. how i hate having them. i think it should be more of a guideline rather than a rule, don't you think.

  2. adorei...
    uma leitura gostosa, e um blogger lindo.

  3. But Sire, what are these protocols, who set them up, and who ractified them? They dont seem too heart friendly, sure do need amendments.

    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Haze..yes guidelines ,like that idea! Thanks girl!

    @Nina Pilar ..adorei! Thank you for dropping by, enjoy and hope you will also learn something!

    @Blasphemous..He set those and ratified also but no need to amend for i broke it all...Thanks for sharing your brilliance !

  5. Well, rules are meant to be broken, he had no right making them in the first place...he may as let you find what fits and make them as you long....enjoyed this conversation. Sorry I am late, caught up elsewhere. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. @Rek..My idol! So true some rules are meant to be followed and some are to be broken! Life is just so amazing and love is madness!
    hahaha..thanks for still catching indeed your presence is enough to make my day idol!

  7. Angel, thank you for the comments. I hope you know just how much it means to me. Anyways darling, i am just wondering, are you a filipino? Half perhaps? Hope you don't mind if i ask :)

  8. Hmm..relations can't be molded on terms and conditions..They are just meant to flow..and you wrote it very right :)

  9. @Haze...i'll DM you girl. Thanks!

    @Alcina..Thanks for those sweet words , i agree!

  10. Rules are meant to be broken..I agree....

    You are Love Sick too gal....

  11. @Nikits..hahaha . yeah i need to take some meds!