Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's over and done...( the past )


Once I have loved you
Once I have given my whole me,
Thought you were my world,
And me yours also…

But never was in any single clang of the bell
That would tell that you did love me
I was so  innocent and young then ,
I need your  attention and love.

You keep on betraying me ,
One betrayal  after another,
One pain over  the other,
Tears after tears…

You shattered me,
You wounded my ego.
I lost my self esteem,
I almost lost my being.

Despite of those still I stick around,
Hoping one day you will change,
And the loved and respect be shown,
All my humility I have all then thrown.

I kept closing my eyes,
Pretended that I haven’t seen
For every betrayal that’s so keen
All  measures done  just to save.

I kept waiting and waiting ,
Months ,years  am always counting,
To my god your change am praying,
But seems I waited only for nothing.

But human as we are,
We also got tired,
Never mind , if  mind does
For it can get over..

But sad to say ,
It’s the heart who got weary,
It is now pale and withered,
dry , can’t absorb though how being sprinkled .

When you realized ,its so late ,
Heart can’t feel anything you submit,
I am giving up ,i  surrender….
Have decided now ,you and I it's over.
It’s time to look for myself now,
Compromise I have given is more than enough,
My God  is my witness ,
That so much I have done in this quest.

 It's OVER and DONE..


  1. Aww...the patience and perseverance ended suddenly..Is not love all about giving angel?

  2. Patience Angel, patience.. Only if it is worth it that is.

  3. A lesson that would come only with time,
    a lesson though bitter, but was necessary so that you find the best one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. @Alcina Yes, patience is a virtue ! But the string was stretch too much,no more elasticity. There would be a point in everyones life that she or he have to make a stand. Thanks for your time!

    @Soumya Yes very true ,if it is worthy only! Thanks.

    @BlasphemousA. Thanks true common denominator of all those experience ,it the lessons it gave.

  5. Self-realization is very imp and self-esteem too

    u r moving in right direction.

  6. Angel, haha. i'm sorry, have no twitter account :) take care, love!

  7. @Jyoti...exactly ! Thanks witty jyots!


  8. Awww..Angel..

    That's heart breaking but I so..hope things do change...

    And love comes in your life to be Forever !!

    Hugs...Kisses..God bless ya

  9. don't have any comments for what you have written but will share something that I wrote..

    Even after knowing all you accepted me as your destiny.
    I needed you to shoulder me when I cry,
    I needed you to bolster as a trophy in front of public eyes.
    You were the object of my lust...
    Because I would have never done what I did with you to the person I love.
    I still remember the times when you just wanted to hold my hand,
    When you needed someone to comfort...
    How I counted your emotional fall-outs as my opportunities to bed you outright.
    Even today when I talk about you, I say you were a mistake I made.
    The irony is that even now you won't accept
    That it was not love.... no love ever that I had.
    You were just an object to me, my possession for a while.
    I have no repentance baby....
    You keep coming to me, I'll keep using you.

  10. @Nikits ..yeah friend it's breaking but have to make a stand! It's one of lifes" reality. Thanks dear!

    @Beyond...i loved what you added ! nice one! thanks for making a visit! hope to see you again..

  11. Beautiful words...yes, its better to let go when its a one way street.

  12. nice poem......and exactly meaningful........


  13. @Dr.Naveen...Thanks for your kind words and welcome to my humble ,simple blog..

  14. @Monica Thanks a lot and welcome to my blog..Hugss.

    @Rik , Yes so true idol! thanks for your time!

  15. well expressed
    could feel every bit of it

  16. @Feeling lioness , yes we need to pour it all ,it helps coping...Thanks..

  17. @Angel : the last 2 stanzas are awesome...we should move ahead in life and never stick to our past which is what I have learned from my past and which is what I am practicing...Nice post...

  18. @angel: One Question...why is the image Blurred? Is it because the blur image signifies that everything has come to an end?

  19. good to know that your practicing it , may God gave you more strength.

    You are really s keen observant ! I thought no one will notice that..hahaha and you did! Yes, that signifies it! Thanks!

  20. @Angel: Thanks...:-) am a good observer...heard it from so many people by now :-) U are one more in the list...