Friday, May 13, 2011


lonely manCan you still recall?
how it started all?
It was a just a coincidence,
but it was  the providence,
who brought me to your  castle
without feeling of any hassle..

It took just only for minutes,
then seems both don’t  feel this uneasiness,
your   looks was not my business,
but it was your status where I am impress.

It started from a simple comment,
then each day became a moment,
we both to each other a stranger,
but seems I have known you forever.

Who brought you to me?
i believe it’s the destiny,
because you’re millions away
so distance is a great impossibility.

I have found out,
It don’t hinders  South,
It even   hurdled the North,
Yes ,it happened!
and it breaks borders so sudden.

I am always telling you.
we might be souls of two
floating  in sky so blue,
waiting for someone’s rescue.

Never an issue was our culture,
faith  ,trust was our structure ,
you got your view ,
I got mine also ,
respect had overflow,
between the strangers  two.

Life moves in its mysterious ways.
each minute is full of surprises ,
and one would really be amazes,
for meeting you am truly blessed.


  1. @Soumya Thanks for dropping ...Stay witty!!

  2. wel sort of nice
    clean smooth little poems you got here

  3. @ Feeling lioness....Thanks for dropping by! Yes ,it's just set of rhyming words expressing something...

  4. Wonderful poem!! Great articulation!!

  5. @Vyankatesh Many thanks for devoting precious time here..

  6. Amazing...beautiful lines from a very beautiful soul.

  7. @KP..Life is amazing too! I believed you got a beautiful soul too , can we be friends?