Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am so lucky  having a great mommy ,
days were never that sunny.
if mommy would be away.
for she's the light of the family.

Mommy its your day.,
my heart would like to say ,
i love you very much,
and thanks always for the catch..

You are one of a kind ,
though tired time can still be find,
she's there to lend ears.
she's there to wipe tears.

How many times i fall ?
countless  ,some even i can't recall ,
but never a single second she left
and she's there to teach and give a lift.

Mama nothing wants us but the best,
any hard days she always faced,
she almost forgot herself .
because she wanted our future to be safe.

Mama , a very value laden lady,
she imparted honesty ,
 always reminds me  the importance of humility,
and to have great respect of humanity...

Mama is not a degree holder,
but the way she nurtures us, an exceptional molder,
she does it through her example.,
and i can say her love to us is unfathomable !

Her patience is oozing

and i  am considering it a blessing..
not all are given this gift ,
that's why i thank the one who Create.

Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful person, 
if in next life ,you will let me chose as to whom would i like to be my mom
200% second thought ,she will still be the one...
because having her  is already a privilege and not all are given that privilege! don't  have a Throne ,
neither also a Crown ,
nor even a Palace ,
But you are our QUEEN....
and forever  YOU will be....LOVE YOU MOM!!!!


  1. Beautiful poem !!

    Following you now...M gonna love you for sure...cause you are an Angel.....

  2. Thanks Nikita !Have visited your blog and it's full of love and wisdom ,am pretty sure another addiction for me...