Saturday, May 7, 2011

A mental thing..

Unless there's some emotional tie, I'd rather play tennis

Real love is a pure and special vibration between people that differs from the intense longings and passions many describe by the word. It is difficult to sustain vital forms of love without strong positive encouragement from the other person, whereas mental love does not depend on reciprocity. The power of Mind arises from an organization of ideas. Mental love is based on an idealistic conception of what love is and a perception of idealized values in the other person. Mental love gives rise to unwavering loyalty. It involves a lasting commitment to the other person which does not depend on circumstances, personal contact or even the response of the other person. We can love another person as an individual only when we fully recognize and respect the ways they are unique and different from ourselves and value them for those differences rather than trying to change them or mold them into our ideal image. Mental love may lack the intense sensations of previous stages, but it brings a lightness, sweetness and refinement of feeling that is uplifting and more deeply fulfilling.


  1. Beautiful thoughts again !!!

  2. Though what you said is right, and simply put it is true.
    However, I also hold this belief that the same theory cannot be applied to a Guy-Girl love, specially when it is just in its infancy. I differ at the point that in such situations one always wants some reciprocation, or at least some reaction that would give some shore to their boat of expectations dangling in the sea of uncertainty. If someone claims to do that, I would say it plainly that its a LIE. (In the beginning.)

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. @BLasphemous..Thanks but i want to say there are really those who don't ask for reciprocation ,they are the exemptions and not lie! Peace!