Friday, May 20, 2011

Come afternoon come...

come afternoon come ,
 you seat there , and me here,
pressed the keys and feelings be release
will fill the moments we miss and i mess .   

let's get drunk with our words,

feel every story we unfold , 
minutes ,hours we don't care ,
feelings so intense couldn't be compare.

in every blow of wind ,my mind confesses,
all truth in life shouted so shameless,
in front ,you wanted me to fearlessly express ,
no inhibitions that i made which you were so impress,

each  words heard reaches in my ears so cold ,
to the immature lines you didn't give a damn,
you just wanted to listen and stood so calm,
keeping and assuring  all told  never be untold.

your holding  , walking and pampering me all the way,
appreciating   good points ,but pointing and discouraging my insanity,
always in my side to cheer when all is not somewhat fair,
you often tells me life is a battle,you need to be in full gear.

but my angel has to go ,obligations calls him to,
i wanted him stay , so life tracks be  righteous way,
he loves to be with me, guard from people who loves to betray,
but no ,he has to go ,for he is a nomad , and to him i  pray ,
 in my soul whispers ,come afternoon come!


  1. Beautiful expression. Missing someone dearly and waiting for the beloved to return, to return to the good old days and the blissful afternoon.

    Very nice write up.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. @Blasphemous Thanks for your kind words and precious time.Stay good.

  3. I am speechless.You are woderful in this post angel. Marvellous.

  4. @KP..Thanks !It's for him and he made me as such!