Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've warned you !

Why? It's so easy for you to say that , " I've warned you" but to the concern 

that is so difficult to follow. Be in her shoe so you will understand all things.
It's not like buying something in a store then if you don't like  can change it. It deals 
on human emotion  , mind  you i  am a human being not a robot  nor a barbie doll.
I am a sensitive creature , my fault , i just love another human being so unconditionally,
so selflessly , that am already forgetting myself. Despite what you told me ,even how 
i felt driven still i am hanging around for you.You call it INSANITY and i call it NOT , it's something , only  the inner in  me can define it.Even the concern one can't fathom it.
Once i asked  a certain friend ,do i need a clinical help? and he replied ,there's fun 
inside of you , guess, this friend fully got  me.
Each really got different styles in expressing oneself. Each got different definitions. 
One style may not be conforming to the other. One maybe too exaggerating .
Just don't  judge her , you don't know how all things are going inside of her  but rather 
 be thankful you are not in her shoe ! being there is not easy ! We are all unique and me? maybe 
very unique or shall we say it weird ?


  1. True, not everyone truly understands the real one inside of us. There are only a few who can see through.
    Nice post :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. As long as you are not hurting yourself...stay true...pretence and facade; hiding what u are, will only get you so far...and then it becomes a burden too difficult to bear...nice, honest post.

  3. true... sometimes ppl dont see wat we really feel from inside... they just go for superficial things.
    Nice read!!!

  4. You're awarded :)


  5. @Anshul...So very true! thanks so much , am honored that you're always here !

  6. @REK...nice words idol ! thanks so much ,yeah all i have is honesty and nothing more.

    @Jyotes...i agree and from there they judge a person ! Thanks witty!

    @Soums...Congrats! No question ,you deserved it ! am proud of you!