Monday, February 21, 2011

A friends retold story...

     How to tell that someone that you don't love him anymore in a very polite way,
in a human ,,no ever strong man can take this one if this be said infront
him..yes, it's more than a slap..humiliating even..
    Tell me how to go about it. I don't want to hurt anybody but gosshhh thats how
i feel . I am just so truthful about myself. I don't want to be a hypocrite.This life really
have its twist and twist you will be shock..and one turn you will get down.
    What have we done ? what did you do ? why it reaches this way? Who's to be blame?
Or is there  or are there to be blame? Maybe ourselves only.
     All i knew is i have done my part well..I fight. I compromised much.I have done my
best but i guess my best wasn't good enough to last for a lifetime. You push me to the limits
and now seems its a life threatening feeling nothing for you...All drained keep
on asking me..i never answer you for i don't want to hurt you. You still got my respect.
You ask yourself ..what have you done? are you not in Karma now? Maybe yes you are..
You should have taken  good care  and give importance to what i have given. We are just
human being ,have our limits , knows how to get tired ,exhausted and suffocated. I could not
compromised for a life time...i am not a saint.

   I have a learnt a lesson ,thats ones a girl experienced so much there would really a time that she
no longer can feel things whom  one is giving or showing...Never blamed her for you knew not what
have she undergones in her are not there to share her pains ,and  sorrows.
   But still i would like to say thank you..memories be there forever...lessons learnt..lets move on....

Hey !!!, life us just like this..have to face reality..have to face the truth , for truth hurts but it will set us free.
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