Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A false accusation

       This morning , i am so shocked about a certain news a certain HIV patient claimed
that he was mistakenly diagnosed as positive on HIV. It was last 2005 that he was diagnosed.
Therefore he has to stop working and go for massive treatment .Then last 2009 he go for reexamination
and he was so shocked for it was found out that he was negative on it. He can not accept it for upon
diagnoses , he had undergone  a trauma. This includes being ostracized in the community, loss of work
and many psychological problem.he encountered.
    But the question here is. is hes accusations true and factual.? This is not a joke, this questions the Phil.
Medical competency. He has to prove this. Yes, he now tries to file a case against all the staff of San Lazaro.
He thought that his accusations were factual..basing from the reexamination he submitted.

      But Medical Staff strongly stand that there was no mistake done or took place, the diagnoses were correct,
laboratory result can tell.The laboratory examination was not done over night . It undergoes several test and thorough test before arriving for a result. We have a very competent Medical Technologist and sophisticated
instrument for this particular case and the team were so careful and very precautious in doing this examination
for this is not an ordinary case.

      But how come it reach to this point ?  Yes, Medical Doctors said it was very impossible that a mistake could happened., maybe he was healed due to the series of treatment given., not healed is the term maybe cancer cells were not found during the examination but for sure still it was there.just that it maybe not that active.
And if ever it was really fully cured then the Medical Team would even be happier for it would be a milestone that one patient was cured with HIV. but this is just a hypotheses.

     Mine, is the HIV patient should think about it ,his accusation were  putting at stake Our Medical Field. He should check back his lifestyle.Does he have the right to say he don't have it when in real life he can not make a decent life style? If, he just got a different life style meaning his having a healthy life style then we can say that its impossible for him to be positive..but then his lifestyle tells that he was so prone to that .disease.

    Lastly ..why don't we live a decent and clean healthy living?? An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.
Make GOd as the center of our life and not sex.

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