Friday, December 17, 2010


                      LOVE IS AN ART OF LISTENING

According to John Powell." God gave us two ears but only one mouth.." that we may listen twice as much as we talk.
     Most of us can hear , but not all can listen. Listening, however,doesn't come naturally.We're not born with a talent for listening.Except for a very few who were so blessed. But the important thing is that listening is a learnable skill  and in this world anything can be learned.
                 There's no greater gift than to listen to another's heart. Unfortunately ,most of us rarely listen at this depth or know how to listen at all. By lending our ears to listen, we are giving importance to the person of the other.Our partners will feel more connected to us if they sense we are interested in them rather than in impressing them.We need to listen with understanding.You will understand more of what the speaker is saying if you can listen with empathy .
                 When you're feeling what the speaker is feeling, you're listening with empathy. While it is the province of knowledge to speak , it is also the province of wisdom to listen.While listening we have to remain non -judgmental. You can understand what someone is saying if you're passing judgment on that person in the back of your mind . Even when you dislike the person who's talking,you'll understand more of what he or she is saying if you can hold in abeyance any negative feelings toward him or her.

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  1. Lend me you ears...this is all that matters.
    Everyone wants to be listened... a very simple and easy thing to do and give... yet it brings a difference in ones life..