Saturday, December 18, 2010


One day i asked a friend, what is sacred ...LOVE or SEX ?

He replied.. love is sacred than Sex.

He got his reasons and i came to agree with reasons. It was an eye opener to me since from the very beginning, i have this concept that sex is sacred than love for sex can be done inside the sanctity of marriage. But, come to think of it ,several couples were having that but they got no more love for each , where's the sacredness of it?
             When you were doing that and the other mind and soul was with someone it still sacred..? I believed sexual union without love is purely a physical union of two bodies, while sexual union with love is something beyond sexual intercourse.It is not only a union of two bodies, but a union of two hearts, of two minds and of two person and of two souls.
             There is no such thing as giving the body without giving the soul.Man has no organic functions isolated from his soul.The separation of soul and body is death. Those who separate sex and spirit are rehearsing for death. The enjoyment of the other's personality through one's personality is... love.  Pope Benedict said that sex should be ..selfless; good sex is no longer self seeking .a sinking intoxication of happiness; instead it seeks the good of the beloved. It is ready, and even willing for sacrifice.
              Sex with love emphasizes therefore giving rather than taking,self sacrifice rather than selfishness ,commitment rather than expirementation ,nourishing rather than using.


  1. Love that is not placed in a right perspective will end only as empty word but love that is correctly understood and reflected will be fruitfully fulfilled in good actions..Sex is physical animal response but if it is done with and because of LOVE, now it becomes fulfilling and divine.

  2. ...friends if u can not take it..leave it..!!!!