Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A four letter word but got a thousand of meanings.A love for you may not a love for the other.

What is really Love?
For me is an abstract word.It could have different meanings based
on a subjective emotional feeling.Each person uses the word love in different 
ways for different purposes. For instance, we believe that loving our parents is different from loving our opposite sex. The meaning of the word love matters most.We equate love to magic or a mystery that we categorizeand classify it in a way that is hard to fully understand.

We really need to understand the word' love' otherwise it will only be a simple lip service.
I shall say...... that love a very personal feeling that every person can have a taste of.Our
individual experience with love is something that i believe...should be reflected upon in order
to fully understand what love is all about.

Reading...quoting..copying an article can not replace the personal experience of truly being in The objective concepts of other people and some writers can not fully express the subjective feelings of the inner self. Each experienced of love is unique and it is indeed part of our own life. No one can claim our experinced of LOve except OURSELVES.

There are several profound definitions of love but no one could fully touches its true essence..