Monday, September 10, 2012

see how big is his love to her mom..

Photo: A mother without arms...a son who loves her without judgement. His mother is the most beautiful mother in the world to him. Type AMEN and then SHARE if this touches your heart!
 Look at the little boy  , can you say in words how  big is her love her mom ?
In his age , he must be the one to be fed but no here it was him who does it ?
Is your heart not broken , seeing this ?
What ways are you  doing to show your love to your mom ?
Is your love as to your mom as big as the love of this boy to his mom?
If not , then now is the right  time for you  us to love of mom more
let us hug and love them ...we are very lucky ..we have a complete , beautiful mom is this world.