Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prohibitions causes depression,,,,
 Why before there are no prohibitions ?
 Why before i can freely express what is inside?
 Why before am so free to do what i wanted but with regulation i know
. Why before i can be romantic as much as i wanted Why now its too different ?
 What went wrong ? 
 I  don't really understand.. 
 All i understood is this makes me sadder , panic and disturbed.
. My heart is aching
 My head is exploding 
Why can't I be Me ? 
Why do i have act the Not me thing ?
 It 's so hard but will i strive ..all..for you.. 
This made me more anti social ,
 This made me more to sour grapes ...
This made me more childish..
Prohibitions causes depression.

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