Monday, October 3, 2011

Forgive and forget.

He said : "You are still same , before i meet you and now ,you are so same ,
                doing same foolish ,irresponsible        
                 thing. you didn't grow up ,useless  !. I failed , now  i come to realize
                 that there are really people who     
                 can never  changed  and one is you ! "
She said : " It's just a small thing i did , and this is the first time i did  ,
                  never will i do it again , i promised you   
                 i will not do it again ,will never go there again ,
                 as early as now i cut it off !
                 Please consider me its 
                 my first time doing this and guaranteed it would be the last.
                 I gave you my words  ,please forgive me
                 and spare that another chance.  You knew me right?
                 or you knew me so superficially ?

He said ; I am done with you ! I am fed up ! Can't change people !
She said :" I am accepting my mistake , i am regretting for that whole thing .
                 Let me prove you wrong ,
                 can change and can be better.

As far as my religion says , No one is created perfect.Which means all human being are subject to commit mistakes and got lapses. No matter how careful one is , no matter how refine a person maybe she will really have her lapses guarded or unguarded more so if the person is low in maturity oftentimes she meet  or commit those those things along the way.
    Because of those lapses oftentimes , one wakes up seeing herself in trouble. Now , everything took place ,means damaged has been done. What else then to do ? regret and regret , blame self for being so irresponsible,
reflecting why all took place ? and learning a lesson out of those lapses. This is i guess the most important thing ,one identifies the wrong thing ,accepts it and learned a lesson and also one knows how to ask for an apology.
   Yes . yes an  apology , forgiveness !  Forgive and forget is the name of the game . But what will happen if the recipient have a harden heart ? There are really people who are born rigid  ,firm and forgiveness is never in their vocabulary. Forgetting that they too can commit mistakes anytime of their life. 
I have discovered perfectionist people hardly forgives and forgets. Because maybe they commit less mistakes because they're too careful of their acts and does all  things perfectly and of course they got all attribute in doing so ! but what about me who got so low maturity level and usually end up in trouble. I do not have all the attributes in meeting those perfect things in this world? Isn't it unfair that if i do commit mistake i then can't be forgiven  ,there and then convicted and crucified ? Consider me please i was created by god so imperfectly but it does not also mean that i will be like this forever . I  Will guarantee , i will improve myself , just don't judge me for now !


  1. Mistakes are things that every person on this planet has done. No one is perfect. It is like going through a random maze to solve a problem and say you go left instead of right, when the solution to the maze is to go right, therefore you just made a mistake, but it was practically unavoidable, the odds of you going through the maze without making one mistake is pure luck. It is that unknown factor that forces people to do the wrong thing, sometimes on purpose or sometimes by accident.