Sunday, October 2, 2011

bad lyric song ..

Baby I can't let you go  I walk around couldn't understand  Where we were wrong and I can't pretend  It wasn't me it wasn't me  But I'm convinced we gave up too soon  Nothing that you lose was up to losing you  There's nothing I can take  When I run to yo
Am tired of this life
tired for everything ,
.broken promises ,
 broken rules, 
broken protocols ,
broken name,
broken all...anybody there tell
me what to do with this life ?
Someone said am not changing ,am just
so the same as before,,
a bad gal having a confused soul...
a gal who deserved not to be listened
not to be spared even a minute
 because she's stained.... very stained..
Really ? don't judge her you don't know
what in her mind and heart ,
Futile still  , she will tell and expressed
you won't listen and believe her...
better shout to the walls ,
whisper to the air ,
scream to the flower
yell to the butterflies,
tell everything to silence..
.am sure they're always there for me..
i can't hear them say..
     .i can't give you time,
      you won't be happy with me ,
      try to look for another ,
      got my own life,
      am loner don't get close to me...
      can't change my life for you...
i can't hear them complain....
just around to listen to the bad lyric song...
      I'm so tired of fighting,
      I just want to be fought for ,
      I'm so tired of caring,
      I just want to be cared for.


  1. Never judge someone, sad poem but sounding very honest!

  2. @Jyotes---Thanks ,yes it is...

    @Saru--Yes , it's the truth ! thanks always.