Thursday, September 15, 2011

You push me to the limits.

our souls are connected

like a child playing ,
unaware of the time,
anything goes in the mind,
talking without thinking ,
others needs she is ignoring !

who's to blame ?
for  she's acting like got no sane ,
everyday unconsciously she fights ,
without knowing the receiver in heights.
 nothing he can do , but hold patience so tight.

from dusk to dawn she"s pulling ,
anger , doubts she always showing ,
no time she's observing ,
holy hours seems nothing,
all passing days she's attacking..

Until it reaches a point in his breaking ,
an ultimatum now he is giving ,
she now is like repenting ,
like a sinner humbly forgiveness shes asking,
but a man full of patience is no longer listening.

H e said  ,
" my flatter is full ,
you stretched  patience in full ,
i  realized we function in opposite poles.
better stay away from me and play your role sorry  you push me to the limits.."


  1. I like the last paragraph a lot...Unique thought!!!

  2. this one is as always, a beautiful read.
    lovely expressions !!!!

  3. nice one's never a good idea to stretch it too much...


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  5. True, there is always a certain limit to which a thread can be stretched. After that, it breaks.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @Harry ---God bless your weekend too!
    @Saru__ Thanks so much !
    @Haze-- Thanks !
    @Jyotes---Thanks a lot!
    @Gaurav-- Thanks !
    @Anshul--So true ,thanks !

  7. @Sub__thanks so much for dropping in !