Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's is not about you....

He said : "  Don' love Wak  ! Your feelings are
                 Give  them to someone who is worthy. 
                 Wak is not worthy for this. "
She said : " I didn't choose you ,
                  it's my spirit and soul who did ,
                  blame it to them..."
She said : It is not about
                 It is not the physical you , 
                 It is about sharing of spirit ,
                 It is about mutual understanding of soul ..
                 It is far beyond,,your words words 
                   can never explain..
                 It is divine.......



  1. i dont understand wut he said. cos it really doesnt make any sense to me :(

  2. Boys can be really closed-hearted at times. Tsk. Tsk.

  3. @Angel Even in his rejection don't you see the depth of 'Your feelings are precious gift' ?
    It says everything. From your importance to care about you.From his inability to reciprocate to his firm decision for your good :)

  4. @Sawan..Each human being really differ with their convictions in life;D Thanks!
    @Haze....It have their own reasons..let's just respect it...we gals are just also so open minded.. it martyrdom!

    @Saru.... weird right?

  5. just a human being! No need to remind the rejection it don't help anyways..Thanks :P