Monday, August 8, 2011

Still cares..

When you truly care for someone ,
their mistakes never change feelings ,
It's the mind that gets angry ,
.....but the heart still cares.


  1. Agree..
    and the image which floated in front of me was of my parents after reading this :)

  2. Awwwwww! I love that!♥

  3. I wish our heart could let go,
    as easy as our minds tell us too.

    But even still, I find memories replay in my head like pictures in a photo album.

    Painful and impossible.
    Why must our wires make it so feel.

  4. @Jyotes..Very true ! Parents innate ! The just the best!

    Saru...Thanks as always !

    @Haze..Thanks so much! Yes will visist and signin there.

    Brittany .Thanks for your beautiful thoughts and for signing in ! Enjoy!

    @ Amit Charles..Thanks for dropping in ! Be around !

  5. @Jyotes..Yes ,it's innate in our parents.They're the best ! Thanks witty!

    Saru...Thanks for always being around !

    @Haze...Thanks ...been there in your new blog .always love to read it!

    @Brittany..Very very easy to say but so hard to follow. Thanks for signing in. Enjoy here..
    @Amit...Thanks for visiting sir! Be around !