Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My fair share.

Is there a man born a looser ? I guess there is! It's me !  Yeah , you read it right  , am born being one.
     Look , i am deprived of everything...deprived in family  , deprived in career , deprived in opportunities even deprived in love..Ahhh , seems all aspect in life am deprived. What to do with this life? Who then can tell me, to be happy and enjoy life ? Some know my name, but they just dont know my real story , the drama behind those smiles , the struggles behind those tears.
 Since young , i am claiming for my fair share  and i can't believed  , i realized that until now that is still my shout.I kept on shouting this to my close friends , same stories they heard from me...asking for fair share! Even to God am always interrogating him.why and why and where's my fair share ?  Yes ,  God always responded me but sometimes it's just me who don't  listen and insisted what i felt and believed in. It is  never easy , it cuts and it shatters and it always disturbs my silence. Sometimes in my silence i asked myself , why me? I am good .I lived with values . I am sweet and easy to be love yet i got not my fair share .Sometimes , it becomes the root of my insecurities and my attention seeking probs . Yes, it troubles me a lot but somehow it reached  to the point that i got tired  and i realized that this is part of my life. I lived with partiality.But you know what's amazing in here? I came to accept all these partialities with an open heart. I told myself maybe i was really designed for this .it's my fate  , have to accept and love this kind of life..fighting makes no sense , going against the tide is  stupidity.Through only acceptance that i could feel life ,be contented and have immense peace. And also, one good  and beautiful thing here is  though they have shown and i have seen those vivid partialities ,these did not make me to love them  less..still i am loving these people wholeheartedly 100%.
     But friends, if i got occasional tantrums , please bear with me , it's the fair share am shouting only.and nothing more , hence this have rooted so deep it can't be avoided at times it goes out no matter how i covered it   , sometimes even unconsciously it is revealed.


  1. We all are stubborn and throw tantrums every now and then, don't we. It's all a package that God has designed in all of us, why feel bad about it.
    You are not alone :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. You have raised a question and answered it yourself very nicely " have to accept and love this kind of life"

    We always say 'Why me?'...this we ask when we dont get what we have wished for, do we ever say 'Why me?' when we are happy? I don't think so, not even me.

    Gratitude for this wonderful life where sorrow holds the same place as happiness does.

  3. its all part of our lives.. isn't it
    we panic... then we go backt to normal.
    and in such times we have reboots n rebounds..

  4. @angel : nice post...Press Ctrl+Alt+delete in ur life...shut down and again restart...and trust me u are not alone my frend...God Bless :-)

  5. there arent a lot of pillssold to make you less happy because happiness is not part of the equation. The pursuit of happiness is what keeps the world going. If everyone was happy there would be no reason to live

  6. @Anshul>>thanks for encouraging words! Glad your back!

    @Beyond..So true Dra ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and time!

    @jyotes...Exactly ! Thanks!

    Gaurav...Indeed a programmer you! What about booting and rebooting... Thanks!

    @Rivercat..Yes , thanks for spending time here!