Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LIFE is what we make it........

    Life is sometimes not nice to live with! So many pressures it offers,
so many frustrations it gives .One day you will feel happy then next days to come
a different thing it treats you.What's this life? Why  can  we  not  maintain a certain mood ?
Why it needs to swing ? For each swing , i feel like stumbling down ,feels i can not stood up again ,
feels like leaving this world ! It's so so tiring ! It  happened almost everyday of my life ,just like this ,
just like this,same phase and pace.
....I come to ask myself .why is this so? What have i done? Why life is so complicated ? Is it really complicated?
or am the one making it complicated? Perhaps it's because of my nature ,  thats why things turned out to be complicated though it should not be.  Ahhhh.nature...nature you bring me down always!
   I am wondering why some people out there though they have nothing so valuables but still you can see their faces bright and smiling as if they owned  the whole world  and ME ?  not to boast basic necessity are not a problem
but then seldom can you see that bright light and glittering eyes .Always in blue...,bluer than blue.! Sad ,,sadder than sad.. lonely so lonely. ,empty and meaningless existence. As if an outcast in this world.! Feels my greatest enemy is the world. Me against  he ,they and them! Yakksss  this is a trait manifested by a drug addict...always angry to the world!  Someone might ask  ,are you one of them? You are manifesting same! Never in my whole life ! I don't even drink ,how much more that destructive thing?. But accepted, am a coke addict.only that beverage! It's my best friend!
    Actually i do not want this kind of world ! I was born a cheerful and vocal person,.loud even but then past  made me the other way around  and unresolved conflicts maybe still around. Thats why even a low blow of wind can swing me and brings me down. Plus am given a gift of being  kids at heart, can't adjust to sudden change in the mode of life.Wants something and if hindered would feel bad. Small things might mean a lot. Always looking for someones  presence then ones absence can break her. Because of these things it  worsens her more and it made her outlook in life darker and have that feeling that life betrayed  her that much and
claiming that this place is not a better place for her to live .
   I have to do something with this. I have to change ...,have to have a good and best disposition in life.I have to do it now or never!! I should not wait for tomorrow for tomorrow may not come  and there is no assurance that it will ..While some best people are with me .seems cuddling and in my side ..have to show and prove to them that i can and got the power to improve..           .I should won all lifes' battle. I am bigger than them ,intellectual,have wisdom and most of all i have my God. I will never allow myself to be a loser
 ,.losing  are for dulls,. weaks and idiot  people only  and AM NOT ONE  of them!!!


  1. Nice write-up. Thought provoking questions. Food for thought! Keep it up blogger!

  2. Thanks for nice words writer!!

  3. You're meant to win. :)

    Everyone feels the same emotions, but no one is letting it show. You've got the will to be happy. Happiness comes to such people with ease.

    There! Now, I am in the right spot!


  4. @ Blog W. Thank you for your time and effort ,greatly appreciate it! Welcome to my blog!