Friday, February 4, 2011

Live by example

     Our president Noynoy Aquino was known to be for the poor, in fact during the campaign the common tao loved and supported him. He manifested it during campaign that he was that simple and humble.Even  when he was still a senator he was so simple unliked the other senator .Yes, he came  from a well to do family and with values...
     All expected him to remain same though now he became a president. But one day , most were discouraged and disgusted for he bought a luxury car worth millions...Yes., it's his right to buy and to have one...who cares .he is single and he is rich!!,,,,  is.. not  a question of  being single and being's a question of his moral obligation to the common tao..he was expected to live  simply like the example set by her mom. But most were shocked when he bought that luxury car worth more  than a millions...yes, it was his very right, no question for that,  but my God! can he not see and feel how many Filipinos who have nothing to eat? no home to live? children who were so malnourished and used to live under the bridges?, children who used to cross roads just to ask for alms.?
    I am just so frustrated with this ,,,,if i am just in his shoe i would rather spend my millions on building houses , see if it can not build hundreds and hundreds of low cost shelters. Imagine how many little children could sleep safely and soundly. Would your spirit and soul  not cry for joy if you have done such? for sure overjoyed .. and God would be the  happiest ...seeing his precious children in deep sleep safely..

   I just could not understand how one can afford to have such luxury in life, when everyday he used to see people around  are so poor , dirty, no abode,hungry, sick , and confuse .

   Our Pres must have reflected on this especially that they were also known as a very religious ., a value laden laden family and a pro poor family. He must set an example.With what he had done, ,i was able to conclude that maybe he was just good in words but in deeds..
I am bit discouraged for i am his great supporter., during the campaign period i got so many enemies for i fought for those who make fun of him ,.for those who made bad criticisms,
. for those who gave negative propagandas.

  Am I just so judgmental on him?  I can not be blamed...thats why as a public official , we should lived by an example.

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