Saturday, January 29, 2011

Holding and Letting go

     Throughout our lives , we strive to stay connected to the people who matter much to us. After family members or a loved one pass away, we continue the same dynamic-only now ,for most of us, the conversations with these individuals take place in our heads.We feel comforted as we replay the video taken in special occasion.of the people we cared about-welcoming these poignant recollections as a way of mitigating our grief.
Like when dad died , mom used to sustain this loving connections by preserving the daily scent by holding and touching dads clothes.Many of us find it comforting to reread correspondence from lost loved ones, or to page through photo albums and reminisce.And we feel a bone -chilling pain when these images begin to fade.
     To counteract this loss, some of us hold on to more than just the memories or personal effects of loved ones who have passed: we also keep their remains nearby.With cemeteries seeming so cold and far away, we'd rather create a special place for them at home.

Letting go is never an easy thing to do , but we have no other choice but to let them ..hurting but we have to ,for our own good. for everyones betterment. Letting go starts now the healing process...little by little we can now accept things and move on with our lives without them already.

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