Friday, January 14, 2011

When i wake up late this morning i felt strange thing again...shameful and shameless me..See it justifies this line..The most difficult phase in life is not when no one understand's when you don't understand yourself. This is what am trying to deal with...have to work and resolve ...
Before you just used to cross but now its no longer crossing its my deeper consciousness ...yaksssssssssssss...Have to settle with this...go for reflection, recollection, meditation , yoga or go to healing priest....
But you do not worry i can handle all this with all flying will not be disturb nor be troubled i assure you of that. I will not reached you that far... wide demarcation line is there so vivid.
I know you understand me...and i thank you for that and sorry for having a very weird friend like me..i do not also want this neither
   wish  nor's magic!!! mystery!!... but one thing that consoles me is that...i am experiencing this because AM a Human Being...and i will no longer compel myself to think of more deeper and valid reason...What for?... Am tired.
Anyways after all this made life more beautiful and meaningful.

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