Tuesday, January 10, 2012

in my dreams...


      I’ll go to sleep
     See you in my dreams
     The only place left, where
     You and me exist..
     It’s there where,
     I dont need to be careful ,
     I don’t need to wear mask
     No more compulsions
     No one questions
    No boundaries
    No  limitations
    You can be wild
    You can be demure
    Anything you want
    Anything you wish
    All things you  can say
    You are so free
    All can fly high
    I can be me
    You can be you
    In my dreams….

p.s. for me...this is the best poem i ever made !
        i copied it from my triond account.             

Read more: http://authspot.com/poetry/in-my-dreams-28/#ixzz1j7lirytA


  1. beautiful...soar high and make those dreams a reality someday.

  2. Lovely...Happy New Year Angel :) Have a great year ahead !

  3. lovely poem....!!!! :)

    i too tried my hand in poetry do read it :

  4. @Rek..thanks so much idol !
    @Saru..thanks..brilliant poet.
    @Lilangel...thanks always Lilangel
    @Saikat..thanks a lot !
    @Harry..thanks for remembering me...

  5. Thanks Dreaming for dropping by..

  6. wow it's just gr8 poem....here u found a gr8 way to xpress ur feelings dat r in real touch wid reality.....as d few lines says The only place left, where
    You and me exist......
    nice piece of art.....n hope ur fine n doing well.....gud luck angel...:)