Thursday, December 22, 2011

For you all fellow bloggers beloved followers...Merry Christmas

 Merry , Merry Christmas to all my fellow bloggers here but most especially  to the two persons who were with me in my always thin days , no other than Ms Saru Singal and Ms .Jyotes Mishra. Guys thanks for being here always in my blog though it have always one shout ,  a shout of painful life and a sorrowful heart of course there are also joyful days but i know it is more of the fainting heart.
Fellow bloggers thanks for sparing your time in my blog ,sorry if at times it got one tune only , i am just truthful of what i have inside. I stand in the idea that i am here writing ,blogging to express and not to impress . What you read is what you get. That's the real emotions can't be scripted. Hope you won't be tired reading and visiting my blog  , greatly i am so honored that you are in my blog ,sparing your precious time and sharing your wisdom also. Whats so beautiful in blogging is along the way you will meet brilliant ,decent and professional  people who can then be your friend. I am very much grateful and happy that i was  given the chance to meet you all guys..
Really from the bottom of my heart ..thanks for whole year round ,you are here and you did not leave me.. I am looking  forward to be with you in another year round ....can i dears ?  God bless us all..
 To my lifetime guru....Wakwak  thank you  so much !
 To my new friend here..Vinaya , EQ and Heaven ,  i am honored you join me here..hang on with me and together will explore life and survive perhaps.. Merry Christmas to all of you... Hats off  for all of  you my beloved followers , you are one of my treasure and the reason why i need to moved my hands.

It's me...Angel

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  1. Nice One.

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  2. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy new year.....In case u r wondering why I never visited, ur blog accidentally got deleted along with some other blogs I have stopped following...I went back to one of yr old comments to find ur blog again....take care, will see u around from new year.

  3. Wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~

    Continue writing and we will see more of each other next year ~

  4. @Philosopher..@heaven @ Bengts ..thanks a lot..Wishing you here same...I am so glad am part of your Christmas now..

    @ Rek''Idol am so happy your back and yes i was looking for you and now i know your absence , i am so happy to see you again here..welcome back , missin' your words..Merry Chritsmas

  5. Merry Christmas angel... may this b the happiest of all !!

  6. @Sawan @ Jyotes...Happy New year , thanks for being around ;)))

  7. No one can mask their feelings in a place like this.

    We can share happiness with most, but we share our tears & pain only with those who are happy in our happiness & there is a resting arm around us.

    Wish you all the love in coming year, Angel :D