Thursday, November 10, 2011

My wings are broken....

....thought with a 3 hours sleep  .i will get over ,,,but it's not ,  when i wake up this morning i feel.....
my wings are broken , seems i can't fly ..i am wounded ! Pain is so deep , excruciating pain ,radiating pain like i can't tell where it started and where it ended. . I can sense pain starts at the tip of each strand  then going all over. This is the most beautiful pain because it can  never be shared  , YOU ,  your own own self enjoys the agony. As if my body and spirit are torn apart !

So much pain in this heart

MAN : did i ever gave you  romantic impression since the begining of our friendship ?
 Woman : never and i know that
                  nor did i expect also for i know  you  can't
Man:       its not " CAN'T"
 Woman: why is it because you don't  gave, then i cant tell how i feel?
                yeah not can't wrong word..
                it's you  have nothing
 Man:      yes
                then why you  make things complicated ?
 Woman: it hurts
 Man :      k
 me:         thats why i am wondering about myself why i am loving you that much when in fact even a little you have nothing  for me..                                           
 MAN : i' m sorry..
Life hates me

Sad Girl

my only only mistake....because  I LOVE   ..because i am not a   robot  because i am a human being ..because i want to be loved and i want to belong , because i am a woman .... is that such a hard thing ? am i asking for too much ? One thing it's never  his fault , never... it was all mine , i go through loving him without asking his permission..IT'S OK .....have to dance with the rain ...

..To love someone..
no need to find reasons why we love him..
but to know that today we love..
and to love the best is enough..➸

This wild heart of mine it's gonna get me in trouble ~ 


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