Monday, October 10, 2011


I don't need someone who is so matured 
        to stop my immaturity ...
What i need is someone who can ride on my immaturity 
      and maturely understand me.

Age doesn't guarantee maturity nor can a profession also. I have known a caliber professionals, so smart and brilliant  but only to find out they are still hooked in their childhood whims  , they still loved cartoon characters even some obsessed into  it. I got a best friend doctor, my, she still giggles when she watched cartoon movies. I can say then maturity deals on ones emotion. Age has nothing to do, more so with a profession. I have a friend who is younger in  me by decades , but gosshhh he is so mature, he then told me, he was born matured one. , it's his gift. I can really compare myself to him and come to a conclusion that unfortunately, am too far from him, i got less on it. That’s why i always end up in trouble. Yes, am doing my best to hide it but no matter how hard i tried it will really come out from its shell. To some who don’t know me, they will misinterpret me and put me in bad light, .to some also maybe very irritated but to those who is really a friend .i don't need to hide nor explain.  But i don't find also immaturity as a disability , for it will never be .Though one is immature still she can be efficient and effective. This also does not exempt her from doing well, from being productive, from doing moral and dignified thing. I have read.....maturity is forever !


  1. We can enjoy our live more if the child in us is alive. It's a post full of life and perspective...


  2. Very well written! We must keep the child in us alive as Saru rightly says, to enjoy better things in life. Can you believe I still love Pogo channel!!

  3. great post with good insights...i was a late bloomer for sure, i feel now that im mature enough already!

  4. @Saru--true enough ,thanks a lot !

    @Rahul---Thanks for dropping in sir!
    @Rivercat---Thanks and welcome back !