Thursday, September 22, 2011

Socializing or flirting ?

    Is socializing also one way of flirting?  It greatly depends on an individual. There are so may forms  and types of flirting, There is that kind of person who is just so natural ,so carefree that  their  actions would be mistaken as flirting .Some also who is so childish , that which their actions still can be misinterpreted as flirting but deep inside in that person , it's just purely for interacting and expressing nothing hidden intentions. There are also those who are really born flirt.They flirted to win most gals attention and this somehow gives them satisfaction . Some also is for diversions ,. maybe too much pressure in life ,so so makes it a pass time  , for others also , there being so friendly could be mistaken as flirting. What ever it is , flirting or not , actually , it is only the person involved who can tell. We only judge them according to there outward actions,  but is it required for us to judge them? I guess not , but human as we are sometimes we tend to , because sometimes also it seems like an unbecoming attitude already especially that we are not living in Western country. We are Asians and known and expected to be conservative. And on the other side , it might be better also that if we can control, we will not judge them , for we really don't know how's ones life is going and what one went through . Shall we then understand and let them live ..we might be more fortunate than them or its the other way around..the thing is we are just human being subject to commit  mistakes and imperfections every now and then and we have different convictions in life...let's be considerate it's a virtue!


  1. Great take on a very interesting topic Angel...

  2. I hate flirts! They make my blood boil in anger. Haha. ♥

  3. Yes, some are born charmers and some develop the ability over time. Others don't care.

    It is indeed the one in the game who can tell how does one feel. Depends on the person and the impression perhaps.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. a good write indeed! i guess as long as you as a person is not affected on an identity level and it brings some sort of value to you, it shouldnt be problem.

    I would really love to know how haze would define a flirt - subjective.

  5. @Saru__Thanks for those inspiring words !

  6. @haze....Likewise and thanks !
    @Anshul...Yes indeed there were! I agree ! Thanks
    @Sawan...yeah ! Thanks for sparing your busy time.
    Hope Haze can define it...

  7. Fully agree wid..
    this attitude is individualistic !!