Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She needs it most.

Sleeping Cute Angel 

 The ones who are the hardest to love ,
........are usually the ones who need it most..                                        .
Yes  , because all flaws you can see in her ,
She got the most unbecoming act. She got a nature wherein
one can really  say  , " i surrender "  .She seems unmanageable ,
untamed.She's so inconsiderate and selfish..seems she wanted to control
people and time. One word can turned her paranoid. She is  always asking  for assurance  and approval. She is in  her worst ,  even she,  is sometimes amazed on her  behavoir. Actually she can't  hardly be understood by now ,guess she needs a superman that will do this for her. An ordinary person could not address this kinda manner. She can hardly be loved but i know something in her is mess up ,something she wanted to shout ,she just needs a heart to listen with. She's in dilemma and she wanted a hand to grasp on..She needs it most and she needs it now..


  1. well said. and at times the one who needs it the most is the one who accepts it the least.

  2. @Saru..Thanks ,your presence inspires me:)

  3. @Sawan...I agree with you ,it's the truth ! thanks sir for signing in here .I know for sure you're again another brilliant writer.

  4. She will be loved
    ~Maroon 5

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. the pleasure is mine Angel. you have a brilliant space here :)