Friday, September 9, 2011

My heaven sent

Out of the blue ,
God sent me to you ,
I  did  not ask for it ,
But it arrive without any permit.

It all started from a simple question,
 from then on we made connection .
Slowly we go out from our shells ,
revealing each other true self.

Things were not that easy to us ,
so much arguments it has ,
plenty of clarifications made ,
making each head like a lemonade.

But fights weigh less ,
even to nothingness ,
we fought to the hardest ,
because that's how to be honest.

All words were thrown ,
sharp and blunt  ones ,
wound if  it would wound ,
for it just made ones commitment strong.

Actually we need not to say any sorry ,
all are understood ,so no need to worry  ,
don't even need to explain ,
even my unsung and untold are fully understood!

Time moves so fast ,
like a wink of an eye ,
like a snap of our hands ,
seems it was yesterday ,
we didn't noticed we reach today !

Happy anniversary to our friendship !
more fights ---Yes
heavy tears __Yes
a sacks of sorries _ Yes
but lifetime commitment  _  that we promise!


  1. that was cute! i hav seen emotional words written in other relationships, but not many for friends! you truly prove to be some one i should befriend :P

  2. @Sawan..Thanks for those beautiful words ! My friend/s are treasured for life ! But only few can stand with my bad nature:)

  3. is tht a warning or r u just backing off? :P