Monday, September 26, 2011

Am not a superwoman.

No more promises  , no more chances , it's done...consumatum est ..I am just a typical human being
who keeps on promising but can't kept it. What to do , in fairness i tried my best , i have given my best
shot but my best really wasn't good enough. No matter how i tried , there are really times that nature is
uncontrollable . It overpowers me ,only to find out that i have done it again ! Old song were sung again.
I am only up to there ,that's really me  , take me for what i am or drop me like a glass . Have found out
i can never be a superwoman though i wanted that much , i am a woman full of flaws , full of  curses  and have accepted these  facts. But one thing , i will never stop trying and striving to in best...perfection should be my goal.. So people with me have to bear ...bear  ,.bear and bear till one explodes and run far ..far away. And i will say those who will go , it would be your lost not mine since you can never find like me , am one and only one having unique innate attributes...


  1. We all are humans at the end of the day...


  2. @ Saru...Yeah ,that's the naked truth there ! Thanks as always !

    @Gaurav...Yeah , and thanks !

  3. live your life angel. you dont need to report to a boss for that. dont loose your identity.