Thursday, August 4, 2011

Woman know your rights.

                                              Women Empowerment: Wallpaper - Zarine Khan at Muslim Women empowerment event organised by ...

More men need to learn how to treat women with respect and

more women need to understand that ..
…all men are not the same.
So many men around are like  beast , but still , many are also best.
Treats us ladies like a queen ,  with highest dignity
like my special friend ,like you friend.. But ladies , if unluckily you fall in bad hands
one thing I will tell you ,you should fight ,never allow to be oppress then making you slave.
We are all human being ,meaning all must be fair ,no one should be edge over the other.Lets
always be in equal footing.Lets exercise our rights and respect other rights too!
 I believed a woman is not to be harmed  and maltreated but to be solely
loved. Lastly , ladies don’t go for looks for package with it are dam of tears but go for
characters for  sure  package with it are  real happiness and peace.