Thursday, July 21, 2011



  Angel: Are you the angel I am looking?                                 
 Angelo: Am sorry ,  can’t identify you , please identify yourself.
 Angel: I am Angel . I  meet a new angel he said he can be found here ,
                  Are you the one?
Angelo : I am sorry , am not going in that place.
Angel :  Oh ! I am in the wrong house , never mind. Do you like to have a friend?
              I am a nurse.
Angelo : No problem.
Angel : What ? It would be a problem? Never mind if you don’t like.
Angelo: Hey  no  ,a very emotional lady….

             ……. And the rest is history.
          ......…..One of the best gift ever God has given to me is my Angel.



  1. Beautiful, I wrote this for my husband, Everybody have their angels and I found my angel in you!( In one of the mails)

  2. Its nice to know youre happily married. I think it would beintereting to be married but have not found anyone yet. :)

  3. @Rivercat >>>Hey what made you say that ? where's married there? Seems your lost , read it again please...hahaha..

  4. @ Rivercat..having an angel in our life doesn't mean a husband right? Can be a close friend , a special friend , anyone can be our angel....

  5. @Saru..Thanks as always , you're an angel to me also.. love U friend!