Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love is not mere an emotion , love is an expression of your whole being.” So it cannot be an overwhelming fleeting and when it passes leaving behind you an empty, shattered in sadness and in sorrow.

Love is not like owning someone; on the contrary it is the liberation. When someone loves, he or she allows the other to acquire more autonomy through this love.

Love is always mistaken by most of us as overwhelming emotions. Flowing in an emotion ,overwhelms one and blurs the vision .The person loses clarity. As a result whatever comes in the name of overwhelming love comes out as wrong. Losing in emotion is like walking in black cloud, in which one gets lost.

Love is a confidence always stems out unconditionally.
There is not any gain and lose in love as it gives the moments to cherish.

    ******I want to say that there are several profound definitions of love but no one can fully touches its true  essence. Each experience  of love is unique and it is indeed part of our own life.No one can fully describe what is it  except  to the person who is into it.

**From Arpana K...LIFE***

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