Monday, April 25, 2011

When in blue ,.mad and angry don't write....

Taylor Swift 57
     Once you have  shown to the world that he was your priority in life, but now it is so clear you are just  the least and the last priority because for one reason .you are just a stranger i n his life who came from nowhere and invaded his privacy .. See what you got fool ? Any body there stay away from this kind of a lady. She is dangerous, stay away from her, for she is worthless, childish, can hardly adjust to certain situation in other words , lunatic./insane/ schizo..She is not your wavelength ..You are so classy and elite with a very high profile and strong personality,  and she just a very ordinary girl with little of education and more of tantrums . She is no good...and she will never be good. Probably she is in her worse now even it will be worsened  .All you will get  from  her is a trouble and lots of headache plus tons of understanding. She is so hard to deal with. You can not get anything from her , you are just wasting your so precious time better still give your time to more worthy things and worthy  people around.
Don't  be contaminated with this kind of person, she is a bad influenced to all .She is like a barbarian , no upbringing and with less values.. She will only defame  you and give dishonor to your family and to your whole tribe.  Now its all for you to take your own risk...i have told you , i have warned you!!! This is all for now...bad girl is tired ..signing off.
     For those who will bump to this blog. , say whatever you want to say ,that's your right!! I actually don't care , i believed in the freedom of expression .i believed in Democracy. Thank you!


  1. Who is that 'she'? The sentences have a sense of frustration..... nice read.

  2. Yes writer! writing is an outlet of this fool.
    Thanks for dropping!