Monday, March 28, 2011

LOVE and LUST by Sats from the truth

  • Lust brings tension. ~ Love brings relaxation.
  • Lust focuses on the part. ~ Love focuses on the whole.
  • Lust brings violence. ~ Love brings sacrifice.
  • In lust you want to grab and ~ In love you want to give and possess. surrender.
  • Lust says all I want you to have ~ Love says I want you to have is what I want. what you want.
  • In lust there is effort. ~ Love is effortless.
  • Lust causes feverishness and ~ Love causes longing and frustration. pain.
  • Lust imprisons and destroys. ~ Love liberates and sets you free.
  • Lust demands. ~ Love commands.
  • Lust gets you mixed up and ~ In love you are focused confused. and spaced out!!
  • Lust is only dark and monotonous. ~ Love has many modes and colours.

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