Saturday, December 25, 2010

What made life beautiful?

Is life really beautiful? Is it not full of pains? Full of curse?  Full of challenges and struggles..?
No , folks... life depends on how you take it!!.They say that life is what you make it?. That is so true.!!!
I, for one will say that life indeed is beautiful despite having all the flaws that it gives. Having those hard blocks still i will say.... it's beautiful? isn't it  funny? Yes, it is somehow an irony .....your down still you will say your fine!!

Despite having those odds still i find it beautiful...why?   ....what made it beautiful are the people whom you meet along the way. They brought light to your dark room.They seemed to give you a grasp on your very rocky road.
 You stumble and here he says's alright..get up  slowly and surely you will reach there. Though they find you so boring , they won't tell you for they don't want you  to get discourage..they wanted always to keep that spirit burning even though  at times they do not have it in their in own selves. They have the biggest room of understanding...though some things were hard to digest still their listening with no complains made.They listened with opened mind and heart  .They were never judgmental and  look at with you with high respect and with a dignity. They keep on tuning to your repetitive old music though at times i know it already irritated them but no single complained ever heard. They take you out from your shell and helps you discover your gift. They bring out the best in you.

I could not exchange the above mentioned from all the high end gadgets that we have around.., from the flashing Mercedes Benz  and from that bank accounts or from any other materials thing in this world.

What made life beautiful were the things that could never be bought nor can be's just's for free and i would really's a gift of my God to me....A FRIEND.....

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