Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Have you been in a situation where in  these things were asked from you .? I have given you this....you make up your mind.!!! Gosshh..caught in this kind of situation is never easy...you were not ready for it...it was never thought to happen nor it was planned to. After hearing that question before thinking and giving your impromptu decision you will just noticed water were rolling in your eyes..you tried to hold..telling yourself ..why should i  ? but quite uncontrollable cheeks are wet now.

You just do not know how it feels to be there.! You could just not give your answer directly....why? you're not ready for that...As easy as that you will have an option to leave ? to go? to vanish? Is that just a kind of paper that when its full of writings then it so right to throw it or a kind of biscuit after eating dispose the wrapper?
It's a no ..no..no...We are not dealing here with material thing ...we are dealing with humans emotions...so fragile ...so sensitive....so soft.

Upon hearing those things..thought the light was out for awhile.I asked myself...how will i deal with it? will i take this option or not ? Why? is the situation really worst that it calls for one to give a decision?  You cling to this someone  or to this friendship then suddenly you will be left out or be dropped.
I find it not fair  .....i find it ...harshed,,..  rude.. ..i find it not humane. What about the emotional investment we give...the time we spent.? The things taught....belongs now to the world of options?  Come to think of it.....consider those things and consider me...am human...i need to be understood....i need to be listened and i need a friend!!!


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