Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who knows when we shall meet again.......if ever....

   One night i listened  to the song TIME  by Alan Parsons..The music was so touching feels as if you are travelling and going to the eternity. But after listening , a certain thing struck me most..the comment written after the!!!!! thee lines were so  touching , sentimental ,so full of emotions..I read it again and again without noticing that my  tears were already falling..i was deeply touched  by the writer..i told myself.....this man got a pure and divine love to her lady..It's been 7 years ago still it was just like fresh , so vivid and
 still having that genuine and unconditional love..
The whole content goes like this.....
.....My life was without you!!! I breath but do not live.
     My soul aches, the sadness is so deep,
     I smile and laugh with the world but inside i was screaming and nobody hears.
     It was already seven years i close my eyes and i see your beautiful face.
     I heard. your soft voice ,
     And i can almost touch you...but not quite..come and visit me in my dreams my love...

Yes, it is so true that death ends  life but not a relationship.Until  death do us part is no longer a so true line goes beyond.. it even conquers death.....

Click to downlowd the picture :: To the man who wrote that comment....hats off!!! Whoever you are...God bless you!!

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